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Welcome to
Buy a Vehicle
Buy it Right.com

We're with you through every step of the vehicle buying process with our proven and simple system.

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About Us


We take the guesswork out of buying a vehicle

A good realitor will save you time, money and aggrivation by navigating you through every step and help you avoid  mistakes when you buy a house.

We think buying a vehicle is an important decision that deserves the same consideration. One wrong move in; vehicle selection, finance terms, trade in or a hundred other perils and your paying for it for years to come. Has that happend to anyone you know? Has it happened to you ? Wouldn't be nice  if someone who didn't sell cars but knew the ropes was there for you guiding you along step by step in a logical progression? Someone who had your back?  Thats us.


Our process

We follow a methodical, logical & business like series of steps that arm you with knowledge so that you feel impowered and can take control. We make sure you know what dealer cost is and what discounts your entitled too. We help you select the right dealer and the right time to buy. We coach you through the web of finance office products and review your paperwork to make sure things are as they should be.

We understand that no two car buyers are the same so we customize our program to fit your situation and individual needs. Everyone wants the best price, we'll give you the tools and the knowledge to make it happen.


Book your consultation

We offer a free five minute consultation  to see where you are at and to determine  if we can help you.

If you like what you hear we offer a complete consultation package & we'll put together a personalized vehicle buying strategy thats easy to follow and right for you. It doesn't end there either! Were available to you by phone at every step of the way to ensure you make a great purchase and a deal end (before you sign) document review just to be sure. A full consultation is $199.00 and is better than money in the bank.

Sound good? Call 780 686 3621 for your free consultation.


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